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The History of Cornwall Golf Captains Society


Unfortunately there are no written records to confirm the actual date of the forming of Cornwall Golf Captains Society although it is widely understood that in 1954 Mr Stuart Smith for many years Secretary at Tehidy Park Golf Club & Past Captain (1950) with Mr W Hubert Wearne JP, Tehidy Park Golf Golf Club & Past Captain (1937) raised the idea of forming a Society. A meeting was arranged with interested Captains from neighbouring clubs to discuss the proposal with the main objective of promoting interest in golf and to create fellowship amongst Club Captains.


The meeting was well attended and considered a great success, with strong interest and support to form a society.

It was agreed that the Society be formed and called The Cornwall Golf Captains Society.

The following small group of Officers were duly elected to serve on behalf of its members for its 1st year in 1955 


Captain of Captains: Mr W Hubert Wearne JP


Hon Sec: Mr C Stuart Smith


Committee: 1 member to represent East of the County

                   1 member to represent West of the County


Mr Stuart Smith continued as Hon Sec to C.G.C.S for 15 years and Mr Hubert Wearne became the 1st President of the Society in 1957 and served this office for 20 years until 1977.

Stuart Smith

Inaugural Meeting 1955

Hubert Wearne

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