You will all be aware of the COVID-19 issues and steps we all should take to mitigate and protect.

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) has created a unique and unprecedented emergency. Cornwall Golf Captains Society (CGCS) is ready to take whatever steps we need to take to safeguard the health and welfare of our members, even if we all have to forego golf for a period of time.

CGCS"s present position is:

  1. The priority for CGCS at all time is to safeguard the health and welfare of its members. CGCS confirms that it will follow Government and NHS advice with regard to COVID-19 at all times.

  2. CGCS expects that individual members will also follow Government and NHS guidance and inform the society if there is any change in their health status that may present a risk to themselves or others. . In addition, individuals will make their own decisions regarding the risks involved in their participation with golf events and matches.

  3. In general, as the situation is clearly changing from day to day, we will keep the position constantly under review.  This means adopting flexible policies to prepare for and allow for golf meetings and matches to take place whenever possible, or to react appropriately when necessary.

  4. Specifically, CGCS will liaise with other County Associations and host venue Golf Clubs; and take decisions with regard to particular meetings or matches on a case by case basis.  If CGCS events do go ahead; we will seek to reinforce measures which are designed to minimise the risk of disease transmission; e.g. no hand shakes, regular hand washing and use of sanitisers.  This policy will continue until further notice, but is likely to change as the situation develops.

  5. When the time comes, we will adapt and modify these arrangements as necessary. Examples of such modifications could be:

  1.  Reducing the size of the teams

  2.  Postpone, or cancel, particular events.

  1. In the worst case scenario, we will, if necessary, suspend the entire fixture list for a specific period of time (duration to be determined by circumstances in place at the time).

Members should check the CGCS website regularly for updates.

Issued 20th March 2020.

Cornwall Golf Captains